Siemens introduces Version 9 of Simit simulation software |

Siemens introduces Version 9 of Simit simulation software

Siemens introduces Version 9 of Simit simulation software

April 20, 2016 - Siemens announced the launch of Version 9 of Simit. The new software generation is based on a standardized simulation platform. Using Simit 9, automation functions can be tested for development or functional faults and optimized prior to actual plant commissioning, using real time simulation and emulation. By adopting existing planning, engineering and automation data as well as libraries, containing functionally capable components over interfaces to Comos and Simatic PCS 7, the new Simit generation is designed to help real commissioning processes.

Simit 9 allows testing and optimization of the automation solution, within the simulation and emulation environment, on a virtual basis using an integrated virtual controller. The virtual plant test can be performed directly at the workplace without available plant equipment and without the need for in-depth simulation expertise.

The Simit version 9 also offers scope for training of plant operating personnel. Different plant operating scenarios can be simulated using realistic training environments. Operators can be familiarized with the plant using original operator panel screens and automation programs in advance of actual commissioning.

To ensure that the Simit simulation solution can stay abreast of the latest technological developments, Siemens offers what it calls the Software Update Service (SUS). Version 9 of Simit also supports new operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10 and Server 2012 R2.

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