Siemens releases Analyze MyDrives and Manage MyMachines/Remote to portfolio of MindApps |

Siemens releases Analyze MyDrives and Manage MyMachines/Remote to portfolio of MindApps

Siemens releases Analyze MyDrives and Manage MyMachines/Remote to portfolio of MindApps

April 12, 2018 - Siemens is launching a new app for drive systems in the field of Motion Control called Analyze MyDrives, and has also introduced Manage MyMachines/Remote, a plug-in to upgrade its Manage MyMachines MindApp for machine tools. Analyze MyDrives and Manage MyMachines/Remote are special MindApps designed specifically for MindSphere, the open IoT operating system from Siemens, which allow users to utilize cloud-based services and create added machine operation. Digitalizing drive systems or machine tools enables extensive data generated by the drive or machine to be analyzed and put to use. By connecting to MindSphere, this process can be carried out by the machine manufacturer or user. In this way, these MindApps provide the starting point for totally new applications for drives or machine tools which enable digital services such as predictive maintenance, energy data management or resource optimization.

Using the Analyze MyDrives MindApp for the Sinamics V20 and V90 converters, Sinamics G modular and compact, and Sinamics S (up to 250 kW), machine operators are now able to also monitor the drive components of their machines. The app captures and analyzes all the operating data, allowing the actual maintenance requirement to be detected by continuously monitoring power consumption, torque and frequency. The machine operator is kept informed about critical machine operating statuses, and machine builders are able to suggest preventive machine servicing as and when it’s needed. The MindApp also allows the measurement of energy flows as the basis for determining energy-saving potential, allowing consistent energy-saving optimization measures to be implemented.

Manage MyMachines/Remote is a plug-in offered by Siemens for its Manage MyMachines MindApp which enables remote access to the CNC (Computerized Numerical Control). This allows complete remote control of the CNC by means of failsafe encrypted communication over the Internet. By graduating the supply stages for Single Access, Conferencing and Remote STEP 7, the scope of performance can be adjusted to customer requirements. The ability to record the entire maintenance process in different video formats makes for transparency.

The Manage MyMachines MindApp connects CNCs such as the Sinumerik 840D sl to MindSphere, providing machine operators with a cloud-based overview of key data and operating statuses across all the connected machines. The app allows relevant machine data to be captured, analyzed and visualized.