SMAC introduces CBL35C electric cylinder |

SMAC introduces CBL35C electric cylinder

October 062014
SMAC introduces CBL35C electric cylinder

October 6, 2014 - SMAC introduces the CBL35C electric cylinder, a replacement for pneumatic cylinders, but with virtually no noise, longer life and no compressed air contamination.

The CBL35C series electric cylinder with built-in controller in a single package enables the simple and direct replacement of air cylinders or ball-screw drive actuators. This is idea for machines already in production that do not have locations allocated for separate controllers. With SMAC’s built-in controller, the CBL35C series electric cylinder can control the force, speed and velocity profile. The CBL35C with built-in controller allows simple installation and effective use of space.  

The CBL35C provides significantly longer life, programmability, higher speed, accuracy and energy efficiency while remaining price-competitive. The CBL35C also provides a more sustainable solution by not requiring costly compressed air. Since the CBL35C has no need for compressed air, there is no compressed air contamination in clean room applications.

The CBL35C is fully programmable in position, velocity and force simultaneously. It's designed for fast and easy setup via Graphical User Interface for different product profiles. This results in significant savings of time and cost, and improved throughput by reducing equipment down time. SMAC’s “Soft-land” function ensure precise contact force. As a standard feature, 100% data feedback is provided.