Softing announces BC-700-PB PROFIBUS Tester |

Softing announces BC-700-PB PROFIBUS Tester

September 302014
Softing announces BC-700-PB PROFIBUS Tester

September 30, 2014 - Softing announces BC-700-PB PROFIBUS Tester, a diagnostic and troubleshooting tool for comprehensive testing of PROFIBUS segments during operation. In addition to the signal and data analysis capabilities the tester includes a feature for cable testing. The battery powered tester offers maintenance and commissioning engineers the highest level of mobility in the field.

Test results are reliable and displayed in an easy-to-understand manner on the graphic display with the tester operated in stand-alone mode. The test results are stored inside the PROFIBUS Tester and can be exported for additional analysis in PC mode.

Less experienced users will benefit from the intuitive menu navigation of the PROFIBUS Tester. For fieldbus specialists, the PC software offers many additional functions for executing, analyzing, and managing bus tests.

"Up to now, users had to buy the diagnostic tool and the cable tester separately," explains Heiko Nickel, Product Manager at Softing. "The BC-700-PB is the first battery-operated tester that combines bus physics, bus communication, and cable testing in one device."

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