SparkFun and Bocoup releases Johnny Five Inventor's Kit |

SparkFun and Bocoup releases Johnny Five Inventor's Kit

SparkFun and Bocoup releases Johnny Five Inventor's Kit

June 29, 2016 - SparkFun Electronics, a provider of electronics parts and educational tutorials, and Bocoup provider of open-source technology consulting and training, today announced the release of the Johnny Five Inventors Kit (J5IK), the first kit available for developing projects using the Tessel 2 and the Johnny-Five Robotics and IoT Platform.

The J5IK empowers users to build internet-connected, JavaScript-powered hardware projects by marrying the language with the Tessel 2 single-board computer and several components to get users started. This kit:

  • Provides a foundation for IoT projects
  • Includes everything needed to complete 14 circuits
  • Does not require previous programming experience or soldering
  • Connects users with a thriving community and exemplary documentation
  • Supports beginner and more advanced projects

Although the applications are limitless, the kit allows users to control and read external sensors and displays, control motors, and use and learn JavaScript.
One of the primary goals of this kit is to support software developers in going from code on the screen to making things happen in real life; conversely, the kit supports hardware developers with tools that make it easier to build web-connected projects. To serve all users, the online Experiment Guide for the J5IK contains step by step instructions of how to connect each circuit with the included parts. Full example code is provided and explained and includes troubleshooting tips if something goes wrong.

Kit components include, but are not limited to motor drivers, resistors, LEDs, soil-moisture sensor, magnetic door switch set, shadow chassis motor, buttons, breadboard (white adhesive), USB microB cable, trimmable potentiometer, miniature photocell, and a mini power switch.