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SPLat releases HMI430 PLC with touchscreen

October 282014
SPLat releases HMI430 PLC with touchscreen

October 28, 2014 - SPLat Controls announces the HMI430 board-level programmable logic controller (PLC) with an integrated 4.3-inch colour touchscreen. With onboard, ruggedized digital I/O, analog I/O, and the SPLat MultiTrack built-in multitasking operating system, the HMI430 delivers professional-quality control that is affordable and easy to program, minimizing development time.

With multiple serial ports, HMI430 offers OEMs an ideal way to flexibly integrate a touchscreen into their solution for small- and medium-sized industrial control applications. The touchscreen—a 4.3-inch 470x272 pixel screen with resistive touch and 64K colours—comes with a repertoire of standard buttons, fonts, and other screen elements. With support for alpha blending, image files, and Z-ordering, HMI430 offers sophisticated visual effects at a price point that OEMs can afford.

Geared to address a wide range of control applications, the HMI430 offers an ideal control interface for equipment in fields as diverse as HVAC, dairy, packaging, pump control, commercial food processing, mining, health and fitness, and patient care. Early adopters have implemented HMI430 for a microbrewery-bottling machine and leisure spa hydrotherapy tub control.

The HMI430 uses a 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4F processor with hardware floating point, onboard graphics control and 512KB of flash memory for program storage. The display is supported by 8MB of flash for images and fonts. A 16MB display buffer allows glitch free re-writes. The digital outputs can directly drive relays and solenoid valves up to 500mA at 24V, and the inputs are compatible with industrial NPN type sensors. The two analog inputs provide 12-bit resolution and can measure voltage, current, or temperature. There is also a 0-10V, 10-bit analog output.

HMI430’s MultiTrack cooperative multitasking operating system offers reliable, non-stop operation, free of hazards like resource locking and priority inversion that can lead to unnecessary downtime. MultiTrack’s safe, easily understood environment enables OEMs to develop sophisticated real-time applications tailored for small- and medium-business environments. A single unified application program operates both the control and the display functions, ensuring that any updates to an OEM’s program only require a single download by the end user.

HMI430 offers one RS485 port and two TTL level serial ports, with built-in Modbus and the ability to implement custom protocols. A serial expansion port supports a range of existing SPLat “Xwire” special function peripheral boards such as pH measurement, Internet connectivity, data logging, and temperature measurement. A new range of matching I/O expansion boards provides additional digital I/O, relays, and analog I/O, and can be linked together via RS485 to create a distributed processing system.

Pricing starts at $329 for sample quantities, with discounts for larger quantities. Customers can also download the free IDE, SPLat/PC, and find full product documentation with a number of sample projects to get started.

Full programming service with or without ongoing program maintenance options are available. Plus, customers gain access to a clearly defined path to migrate to a more customized controller.