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Sprecher + Schuh introduce KTV7 series of multi-motor controllers

Sprecher + Schuh introduce KTV7 series of multi-motor controllers

June 6, 2016— The Series KTV7 Multi-Motor Controllers are the latest addition to Sprecher + Schuh’s KT7 family of Motor Controllers. The KTV7 series of self-protected combination motor controllers are ideal for use with variable frequency drives (VFDs) in multi-motor installations for industries that include food and beverage, material handling and factory automation.

Designed for use with VFDs that have an output frequency of 400Hz or less, the new KTV7 series multi-motor controllers provide the disconnect function for motor branch circuits, branch-circuit short-circuit protection, and manual (ON/OFF) switching. KTV7s are current limiting devices with a fixed magnetic trip, and interruption ratings are available up to 65KaIC at 400V and 480V. The KTV7 controllers provide motor overload protection with a trip class 10 thermal characteristic.

The KTV7 series motor controllers are suitable for two different types of applications under the cULus listings: as a manual, self-protected combination (Type E) motor controller; and as a motor controller approved for group installation (and as a motor disconnect). In addition, they provide individual overload protection in multiple motor applications as required by the National Electrical Code (NEC). Under the UL/CSA listing, the KTV7 series also meets NEC requirements for protection and control of individual motor branch circuits without the need for additional protective up-stream devices.

The KTV7 DIN-rail mountable controllers offer a variety of features for safe operation and trouble-shooting. These include large-scale markings for precise overload setting, a test trip feature to ensure operation of the trip mechanism, clear status indication of ON-OFF vs. a tripped state, and a visible short-circuit indicator. Available accessories include compact busbars, feeder and connection terminal, spacing adapters, lockable twist knobs and handles as well as many other standard KT7 family accessories.