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Tatsoft announces FactoryStudio Compact Framework

September 032015
Tatsoft announces FactoryStudio Compact Framework

September 3, 2015 - Tatsoft announces FactoryStudio Compact Framework, small footprint software targeting HMI Panels and Embedded Computers using Windows CE (Windows Embedded Compact) Operating System.

With a small footprint, the size of the installation folder is just 6 Mb. FactoryStudio Compact Framework is entirely created using managed code, allowing portability to any CPU and operating system.

FactoryStudio Compact Framework helps a user create graphical displays with complete resolution independence (via Tatsoft’s WPF vector-based graphics editor), alarms and trends, with store-and-forward capability, built-in communication protocols for most PLCs and networks, database access to both local databases and remote servers, and you can use C# and VB.NET as scripting languages for advanced customization, using the platform-agnostic engineering workspace, which allows a user to open and edit multiple projects concurrently, with multiple concurrent user access.


 “With FactoryStudio for Compact Framework, you now have a fourth generation modern toolset to build applications that leverage lower-cost runtime environments to their full potential” says Dave Hellyer, Tatsoft LLC  Vice President; System Integrators, Panel Builders, as well as OEMs now have a state-of-the-art, yet low-cost, solution to quickly deploy their applications in any kind of device powered by embedded OS that requires smart and powerful software.

About Tatsoft

The Tatsoft core development group has 20+ years of experience in developing industrial software.  Its previous generations of products were brand-labeled to thousands of applications worldwide. Tatsoft was created in Houston, backed-up by Senior executives and years of pure Research and Development, with the mission to bring the next generation automation platform to the market. Tatsoft’s core product, FactoryStudio, is an all-in-one integrated solution including a built-in SQL database, data-acquisition protocols, web server, alarm and event management, batches, recipes, scheduling, data logging, WPF graphical designer; all combined with an intuitive engineering user interface.