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Tecsis introduces Model XLRW load cell

Tecsis introduces Model XLRW load cell

June 5, 2014 - Tecsis introduces the Model XLRW load cell, an inline load cell with an integral tongue and yoke shackle design which is ideally suited to the oil and gas industry. Created to measure tension loads in wireline and slickline applications including well intervention, well logging, and tool retrieval, this unit monitors mast and hook weight up to 40,000 lbs with an accuracy of ±0.50% FSO.

The all-welded stainless steel Model XLRW load cell is engineered for heavy duty use with reliable bonded foil strain gage sensing elements and a field-replaceable amplifier. The unit operates on ±15VDC excitation and is available with analog 1.5VDC or digital RS485 output. Operating temperature is -65° to +250°F, compensated from -20° to +140°F.

Standard electrical termination is a hermetic, bayonet-style 8-pin connector, with alternative electrical connections available for integration into new or existing systems.