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Tecsis releases Model XLP58 load cell

January 222016
Tecsis releases Model XLP58 load cell

January 22, 2016 - Tecsis releases Model XLP58 low profile “pancake” load cell load cell that measures loads from 5 to 500,000 lb in both tension and compression.

These bonded foil, strain gage load cells are engineered for rugged use with all-welded construction to provide a rigidness that resists off center and side loading. XLP58 is available in industry-standard sizes and bolt patterns to be incorporated into a wide range of applications including packaging machinery, extruding processes, cranes, and weighing and batching operations.

The versatile low profile design is available in a variety of sizes from 2.5” to 14” in diameter. Rugged, welded stainless steel construction of the XLP58 provides an ultimate overload of 300% of capacity and 150% safe overload.

Standard output is 2 or 3 mV/V, based on range, or amplified to 0-5 Vdc or 4-20mA. Model XLP58 is available with an IECEx or CSA approved amplifier. Operating temperature is -65° to 250°F, compensated from 60° to 160 °F. Model XLP58 is offered with optional pull plates, built-in amplifiers, load buttons, and dual bridge configurations. The diameter of the center through-hole is customer-specified and can be threaded if desired. Pricing starts at $817.