Teledyne DALSA introduces TurboDrive for GigE Vision cameras |

Teledyne DALSA introduces TurboDrive for GigE Vision cameras

June 25, 2015 – Teledyne DALSA introduces TurboDrive for its Linea GigE cameras, allowing them to transmit 100% of image information at a rate exceeding the constraints of gigabit Ethernet.  

TurboDrive increases throughput by as much as 150% while retaining 100% image data.

TurboDrive uses image entropy based encoding to model pixel information with no loss of information. This enables faster data transmission on the link as each pixel is comprised of fewer bits for encoding.


“We’re pleased to deliver an innovative speed advantage to customers who need to push beyond the current GigE bandwidth limitations with no loss of data,” commented Mark Butler, Product Marketing Manager for Teledyne DALSA,

About Teledyne DALSA
Teledyne DALSA image sensors, cameras, smart cameras, frame grabbers, software, and vision solutions are used in thousands of automated inspection systems around the world and across multiple industries including semiconductor, solar cell, flat panel display, electronics, automotive, medical, packaging and general manufacturing.  An international leader in digital imaging and semiconductors with approximately 1,000 employees worldwide and headquartered in Waterloo Canada, the company designs and manufactures imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing specialized semiconductor products and services.

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