Teledyne DALSA releases Linea GigE cameras |

Teledyne DALSA releases Linea GigE cameras

Teledyne DALSA releases Linea GigE cameras

April 7, 2015 – Teledyne DALSA releases 2k and 4k Linea GigE cameras. Like Camera Link models, the Linea GigE cameras offer users a broad feature set, including up to 2x2 binning and multiple ROI, cycling mode, extended dynamic range imaging, and TurboDrive.  TurboDrive allows the 2k and 4k Linea GigE models to utilize the full speed of the sensor (up to 80 kHz line rate) with no loss of image quality.

The Linea GigE line scan cameras take full advantage of Sapera LT Software Development Kit (SDK) which enables easy configuration and setup, and includes Teledyne DALSA’s Trigger-to-Image-Reliability diagnostic and monitoring tools.

With their feature set, low-cost and high speed, Linea cameras are well-positioned to replace more expensive cameras or camera and frame grabber combinations, reducing overall system cost and complexity.

TurboDrive defies the GigE bandwidth limitation, acquiring 4k pixels at up to 80kHz.

Cycling mode allows users to cycle through preset camera parameters, gain, exposure time, I/O outputs and FFC coefficients for each line.

Burst Mode maximizes system data throughput, allowing users to acquire images at full speed and transfer during idle times.

Available in 2k and 4k resolution, the Linea GigE models deliver fast line rates of 80 kHz with high sensitivity. Volume quantity pricing for the 2k Linea GigE camera starts at $1100.

About Teledyne DALSA
Teledyne DALSA image sensors, cameras, smart cameras, frame grabbers, software, and vision solutions are used in thousands of automated inspection systems around the world and across multiple industries including semiconductor, solar cell, flat panel display, electronics, automotive, medical, packaging and general manufacturing. An international leader in digital imaging and semiconductors with approximately 1,000 employees worldwide and headquartered in Waterloo Canada, the company designs and manufactures imaging products and solutions, in addition to providing specialized semiconductor products and services.




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