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Tesla announces TeslaMultiSCADA

October 022014
Tesla announces TeslaMultiSCADA

October 2, 2014 - LLC Tesla announces TeslaMultiSCADA, a native SCADA solution to direct access to production and process data through smart phones and other Android devices, using the industrial communication protocols– Modbus TCP, Siemens ISO/TCP and Ethernet/IP.

TeslaSCADA software package allows the monitoring and control of automated processes using an ordinary mobile devices: smart phone, tablet PC or even smart watch without extra development environment. It supports the most familiar industrial protocols: Modbus TCP, Siemens ISO/TCP, Ethernet/IP and OPC UA. The native execution gives fast response and good display and makes it possible to implement advanced user interfaces based on Android devices like voice input, geo location and others. The communication drivers are embedded and communicate directly with a PLC using direct TCP/IP links with minimal configuration. Communication drivers are highly optimized for slow and long-latency networks such as 2G/3G networks to achieve maximum communication speed with low latency.