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Texas Instruments releases DRV10970 motor drive

Texas Instruments releases DRV10970 motor drive

July 18, 2016 - The DRV10970 is TI’s integrated, three-phase BLDC motor driver to offer sinusoidal operation. The device supports three-Hall and single-Hall motor architectures, allowing flexibility with system performance. Using adaptive drive angle adjustment, the DRV10970 is designed to achieve optimized efficiency regardless of the motor parameters and load conditions.

This device uses a proprietary true sinusoidal control scheme for sensorless motors, with code-free configurability to tune for  performance in different applications.

DRV10970 Features:

  • Embedded 180° sine-wave commutation algorithm to achieve high efficiency, low torque ripple and acoustic performance.
  • Adaptive drive angle adjustment to eliminate  tuning and automatically compensate for the phase shift to achieve efficiency.
  • Flexibility to use either one or three Hall sensors whether sensing ICs or element.