The Real Cost of Internet Downtime |

The Real Cost of Internet Downtime

The Real Cost of Internet Downtime

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Very few companies today can afford Internet downtime, it used to be an inconvenience but is now life or death. The new face of modern businesses has made Internet connectivity mission critical.

To reduce downtime significantly, Multenet Technologies has introduced its latest ADSL and 3G broadband router. The MultiGate router is capable of switching between ADSL and cellular GSM network interfaces in case of link failures.

More importantly, it can also switch between two cellular service providers for added redundancy, should one become unavailable. This state-of-the-art product is designed and manufactured locally and is the latest in a range of globally recognised networking and GSM products.

Multenet Technologies managing director Henry de Ruyter says to gain a firm understanding of the financial impact of Internet downtime, one needs to examine the various subcomponents of downtime costs including revenue, human resources, regulatory and compliance, remedial and reputation impact.

“In mission critical environments, the MultiGate router sets new standards in terms of reliability and redundancy, offering 2-tier failover through ADSL and 3G,” he explains.

The router’s integrated ADSL interface can immediately detect when the ADSL link disconnects and is capable of automatically switching over to the GSM interface to provide seamless, always-on Internet. The GSM interface can also switch between two different cellular service providers, should either of the connections drop.

Phil Blain, the company’s sales and marketing manager, says Multenet’s MultiGate has certainly earned its top spot in the corporate connectivity solutions arena. “It is ideally suited for a vast range of applications that require reliable broadband like remote video monitoring, where Internet downtime needs to be kept to a minimum.”

The MultiGate comes standard with a comprehensive feature set including advanced VPN functionality, built-in firewall, advanced routing, ADSL to GSM and GSM to GSM failover, VRRP+ and Dynamic DNS.

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