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Tibbo announces the OPC server release

November 152016
Tibbo announces the OPC server release

Tibbo Technology, a provider of  hardware and software solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), IT infrastructure management, industrial and building automation, remote monitoring and service, physical access control and data center management, has released another software solution, its own OPC server.

The main point of OPC protocol is simple – it is a cross-functional fixed interface to communicate between data sources in the manufacturing industry. Via OPC protocol, it is easy to get and handle the data from any programmable Tibbo devices, like DS110x or TPS, as well as to control them а familiar (to manufacturers) way. Tibbo OPC Server communicates with the devices through Tibbo AggreGate protocol, hence the data source can be either AggreGate server or any other devices that support Tibbo AggreGate protocol. Tibbo OPC server is highly effective when it comes to saving system resources of your PC. It is compatible with a wide variety of Windows ™ OS, ranging from Windows XP/2003 to later Windows 10.