Trebing + Himstedt update PROFIBUS diagnostics software |

Trebing + Himstedt update PROFIBUS diagnostics software

Trebing + Himstedt update PROFIBUS diagnostics software

April 23, 2014 - Trebing + Himstedt updated TH SCOPE and TH LINK PROFIBUS diagnostics solutions. Additional functions for threshold monitoring and expanded GSD support simplify maintenance requirements and the diagnostics of PROFIBUS production networks, while reducing the risk of production downtime.

The threshold monitoring function further improves error detection in PROFIBUS networks. TH LINK PROFIBUS now also reveals critical telegram repetitions in the production network. As soon as a critical value for telegram repetitions is reached (the so-called threshold), users are automatically informed via email of possible error sources. The height of the threshold can be adapted and configured according to local conditions. Error messages can also be forwarded to higher-level systems (such as process control systems) via OPC or SNMP. As a result of this improved error detection, corrective measures in PROFIBUS can be initiated sooner, and planned production system maintenance intervals can be better utilized. Telegram repetitions are considered an important indicator for errors in a PROFIBUS network.

The PROFIBUS Diagnostics software TH SCOPE now presents error messages from PROFIBUS devices in a user-friendly manner based on GSD files (electronic device data sheets). Device-specific diagnostic messages now contain specific information from the respective device manufacturer on correcting the error, eliminating the time-consuming look-up of error codes in device technical manuals. In case of errors, this makes it even easier for users, particularly those from maintenance, to take rapid action and keep production systems permanently available.