releases Stallion Hybrid Trunnions | releases Stallion Hybrid Trunnions releases Stallion Hybrid Trunnions

May 6, 2015 – The Stallion Hybrid trunnions, from, allow faceplates and chucks to be installed without removal of the trunnion table for faster part setups, increased productivity and higher quality parts. The workholding workhorses accommodate a variety of vises, fixtures, 3- and 4-jaw chucks and collet chucks for flexible job shop workholding.

Two models are available, the Stallion Hybrid 9/20 (9 in. x 20 in.) designed to hold a 6-in. vise and the 9/23 (9 in. x 23 in.) designed for double or single station 6-in. vises.  Both sub-plates and quick-change sub-plates are available with quick-change ballocks. Standard baseplates allow the trunnion assembly to be offset to one side of the machine to maximize machine travel. A pneumatic brake, built into the outboard support, provides up to 600 lbs. of clamping torque, an invaluable feature for shops doing heavy off-center milling and drilling. Hydraulic work-holding packages are also available.

The U.S.-made trunnions are engineered to bolt on to any machine’s rotary indexer, allowing operators to precisely mill, drill, tap and contour up to three sides of a part in one setup. Heavily ribbed cast iron construction provides high rigidity and durability, needed to withstand long-term repeated use in demanding shop environments.