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TURCK release uprox3 proximity sensors

TURCK release uprox3 proximity sensors

May 28, 2015 - TURCK announces uprox3 series of Factor 1 sensors in compact, 4mm smooth barrel and M5 designs with a 1mm switching distance, even for flush mounting.

uprox3 sensors are the third generation of TURCK’s uprox Factor 1 sensors, and switching is increased by as much as 50 percent--3mm in the M8 design, 6mm in M12 and 10mm in M18.

Because of their inherent immunity to magnetic fields, the uprox3 series sensors are suitable for use in many demanding industrial sectors, such as welding for the automotive and metal forming markets. The uprox3 series is available with PTFE coated sensors in M8, M12 and M18 designs. TURCK’s weldguard, which resists high heat and weld slag buildup, also is available. uprox3 sensors offer a high EMC stability and flexible mounting including full flush mounting, as well as precise switch points.

TURCK is a pioneer in industrial automation technology, providing customers with a comprehensive line of quality and advanced technology products in a fast, flexible and accurate manner. With more than 3,200 people working in 27 countries, TURCK has built global partnerships with customers based on engineering expertise, flexibility and our willingness to take on engineering challenges that others won’t.