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TURCK releases extremelife-60 Cables for Cold, Harsh Environments

TURCK releases extremelife-60 Cables for Cold, Harsh Environments

May 7, 2015 -  TURCK releases extremelife-60 Cables that remain flexible enough to work down to -40°C, and carry UL -60°C cold bend and UL/CSA -40°C cold impact listings, as well as an FT4 flame rating.

The extremelife-60 cables are available in a wide variety of AWG sizes, constructions, conductor counts and cable jacket colors.

In addition to its cold bend, cold impact and flame ratings, the extremelife-60 cables also have ITC and PLTC approval from UL, as well as CIC approval from CSA, which makes these cables code compliant for NEC and CEC Class 1 Division 2 hazardous location applications. Furthermore, the extremelife-60 cables carry Oil Res I and Oil Res II approvals and are UL listed for exposed run (ER) and direct burial. This means the cables pass the exacting crush and impact tests as metal clad cable, but without metal cladding. The flexible cable jacket will not break or crack when pulled or bent in extreme cold, and holds a UL/CSA listing and hazardous location rating.

extremelife-60 cables solve long-standing oil and gas installation challenges because they offer the rugged construction, approvals and flexible cable jacket required in these demanding environments. All of these attributes combine to bring a cable that will result in less downtime and more cost savings in a fully compliant offering.


“It can be challenging to find a cable solution for many cold-weather applications. Cables that perform well in the cold often don’t come with any approvals, which is a concern specifically in regulated environments. With the help of our internal cable design team, our extremelife-60 solution has an FT4 flame rating, UV resistance, oil resistance and the proper approvals for use in hazardous locations, as well as in really cold and harsh environments,” said Jay Bartsias, senior product manager for TURCK. “All of these attributes in one cable is unparalleled. Our customers can feel confident that they are getting the best cable solution for their most difficult applications.”

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