Twin Link wireless process signal transmitters |

Twin Link wireless process signal transmitters

Twin Link wireless process signal transmitters

Transmit signals up to 2.5 miles* When it’s just too far or too expensive to lay cable for signal communications, turn to Define Instruments Twin Link units. Twin Link uses wireless technology to communicate to and control devices over distances of up to 2.5 miles with Line Of Sight (*requires 12db aerial).

Reach can be extended beyond this distance with the addition of a repeater unit. Repeater units can also be used to transmit around RF obstacles when line of sight is obscured.

Out-of-the-box ready for 4-20mA I/O applications The pre-paired Point to Point units come “out of the box ready” for 4-20mA I/O applications but additionally can accept a huge variety of input types including mA, RTD and Frequency. Twin Link boasts 2 analog inputs plus 4 digital I/O switches. Channels are fully isolated and units are industrial strength.

Easy 60 second set up Twin Link connects to a PC via USB – cutting configuration time to a mere 60 seconds. Saves money As Twin Link can be used to both transmit and control, it reduces costs by removing the need for separate units.

  • Input Node (P2P-I) 2x universal isolated analog input channels accepting Thermocouple, RTD, Process inputs (current & voltage), NPN/PNP open collectors, Potentiometer input, and AC current sensors
  • Output Node (P2P-O) 2x 4-20mA isolated analog outputs that are easy to scale to your desired range
  • Flexible IO Each of the Twin Link units also offers 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, and 2 relay outputs, which are simple to program for a range of setpoint functions