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Unitronics introduces UIS-04PTN Temperature Control I/O Module

Unitronics introduces UIS-04PTN Temperature Control I/O Module

July 10, 2014 - Unitronics introduces UIS-04PTN PT100 Temperature Control I/O Module  The PT100 module may be either snapped onto the back of a UniStream HMI Panel next to a CPU to create an all-in-one HMI + PLC controller, or installed on a standard DIN Rail using a Local Expansion Adapter to avoid wiring to the door.

Its combination of powerful dual CPUs (faster scan time, up to 2048 I/Os, operands and data tables memory: 256k retained and 2MB non-retained), variety of high quality HMI touch panels, and effortless local and remote I/O installation, gives OEMs and systems integrators a competitive edge in their efforts to cut costs, save space, and lower programming time.

Unistream not only allows users remote access through PCs, tablets, and smartphones via VNC; it also allows them to cut their system's programming time by 50%, by anticipating the programmer’s intentions and enabling the re-use of written code. Unistream also gives users the ability to reach and edit data, monitor, troubleshoot and debug their system, and more, with its expanding library of value-added PLC embedded apps called "UniApps".

The PT100 I/O module expands application possibilities where 'smart' temperature control is required. With 4 RTD inputs per module (up to 16 modules), and a temperature capabilities ranging from -328°F (-200°C) to 1,562°F (850°C), industries such as HVAC, food, pharmaceutical, and more, can now enjoy accurate temperature control with all the added benefits of the Unistream platform. Users simply select their preferred HMI, snap on a CPU, and then snap on the new UIS-04PTN I/O module, to create an all-in-one temperature measurement controller. This simple process enables users to select devices in the exact configuration that suits their precise application requirements.

About Unitronics
Unitronics is an Israeli company with international presence that has been producing PLCs, automation software and accessory devices since 1989. Unitronics’ OPLC controllers combine full-function PLCs and HMI operating panels into single, compact units.  These HMI + PLC devices are programmed in a single, user-friendly environment.  Our clients save I/O points, wiring, space, and programming time; elements that translate directly into cost-efficiency. Unitronics supports a global network of distributors and sales representatives, as well as a U.S. subsidiary.