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V5 Systems introduces Acoustic Tracking System at Hannover Messe

V5 Systems introduces Acoustic Tracking System at Hannover Messe

April 25, 2016 - V5 Systems is introducing their Acoustic Tracking System at Hannover Messe in Germany, from April 25-29. V5 System’s Acoustic Tracking System (V5 ATS) is one of the many onboard sensors they will be launching at Hannover Messe.

V5 ATS has a dynamic learning mechanism to continually expand and train the sound library. Gunfire is the first sound V5 ATS has been trained to detect.  V5 ATS will localize the source while providing real-time location information for each gunshot. When multiple V5 Portable Devices are deployed with V5’s Gunshot Sensor, they can share data and work together to triangulate the source of one or more gunshots sending real-time audio/video alerts via email or text completely on the edge. Real-time data transfer allows end-users to respond ‘proactively’ to a potential threat and/or event of interest, rather than being ‘reactive’ after the fact.

Packaged in a lightweight ruggedized enclosure, this solution can be typically configured and installed in under 60 minutes per device for rapid outdoor deployment. V5 Systems is a self-powered, multi-sensor, portable security unit with edge computing.

Another major application of V5 Portable Security Unit is in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT is a network of smart devices coupled with sensors of all types collecting sensor data and communicating that data between devices (machine-to-machine).  V5 PSU, being a smart machine can then perform analysis on the data (machine learning). Based upon the data analysis alerts are sent to its operators and users. Alerts describe the trigger event criteria, and recommended actions taken including automated tasks such as real-time alerts. V5 PSU will become the defacto solution for the Industrial Internet of Things in all outdoor environments.

Highlights of V5 Systems intelligent-edge security and computing devices are as follows:

  • Wireless power utilizing V5’s rapid charging power system deriving power directly from solar and/or wind
  • Multi-sensor functionality including video, Acoustic Tracking System, and chemical detection
  • Gunshot detection (GSD) and gunshot location (GSL)
  • Edge computing with advanced sensor analytics capabilities for objects of interest, sound and chemical detection
  • Controlled IIoT architecture capable of running third-party applications
  • Up to 1TB of on board storage for HD quality video retention on the edge
  • Communications through cellular connection, WiFi, Satellite or RF