Verve introduces Verve Asset Manager 2.0 |

Verve introduces Verve Asset Manager 2.0

Verve introduces Verve Asset Manager 2.0

March 1, 2017 -- Verve Industrial Protection (an RKNeal company) today announced the release of their Verve Asset Manager (VAM) 2.0.  VAM is one of the underlying components of the Verve Security Center and is designed to provide value into asset visibility and profiles. 

VAM is an ICS specific asset management and monitoring tool.  Built to extend into plant specific equipment that is not OS-based, VAM automates profiling of control equipment that is almost always manually inventoried and rarely updated, it feeds multiple security and management functions. 

VAM 2.0 is an expansion of the original functionality.  It includes an advanced user interface for analysis, and also now includes initial baselining and auto-asset discovery. VAM 2.0 can now immediately build an asset inventory and create a baseline picture of the users’ network.  In addition, specific features include the ability to dynamically select columns for display or reporting, import and export of data (Including on-boarding new segments of assets in scope) and the ability for users to define their own inventory fields for profiling and monitoring. 

VAM 2.0 will ship in Q2 for all current and future customers as part of the next major release of VSC (version 4.0).