Virtalis announces Visionary Render for WITNESS |

Virtalis announces Visionary Render for WITNESS

January 302015
Virtalis announces Visionary Render for WITNESS

January 30, 2015 - Virtalis announces Visionary Render for Lanner’s WITNESS process simulation software, providing true, immersive 3D Virtual Reality (VR). Visionary Render allows users to connect and extend their WITNESS simulation workflow directly into a full VR suite, delivering a rich, detailed environment for performing distributed model reviews, facilitating discussion of design concepts, validating operational schedules or testing maintenance procedures. 

Users will be able to work alone, in small groups, or collaborate with distant colleagues, in a virtual world created from extensive 3D object libraries and CAD/PLM datasets, providing incredible realism and immersion without sacrificing performance.

Along with standard libraries of 3D objects, Visionary Render users can import huge and complex CAD models of their factory and the equipment and production lines within, using Virtalis’ library of specialist and robust adapters.  These can then be enhanced with new textures and shadows, whilst the high performance rendering ensures smooth, fast and life-like navigation within the 3D environment. For the first time, users can experience their models at 1:1 scale and become truly immersed in the simulation, interacting with them to try out “what if” scenarios virtually.  Visionary Render can be used on the desktop, as well as functioning in the complete range of Virtalis’ ActiveWorks portfolio of VR display systems.

Visionary Render Highlights

Interactive and immersive capability enhances communication of ideas

Unique semi-transparent User Interface enhances 3D world navigation

Handle and manage huge and complex CAD data sources seamlessly

Collaborate in a single VR environment from remote working locations

High performance, rich graphics and highly detailed virtual worlds

Collision detection enhances model realism