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Weidmuller introduces PZ 10 Crimping Tools

Weidmuller introduces PZ 10 Crimping Tools

April 30, 2015 - Weidmuller introduces self-adjusting crimping tools, the PZ 10 HEX for hex-shape crimps and the PZ 10 SQR for square-shape crimps. These crimp tools create stable electrical crimped connections that meet the requirements of DIN 41641-1 for solderless crimpingand exceedthe pull-out forces stipulated by DIN 46228 1-4 and UL 486 A and B.

Both achieve higher crimping forces and crimping density while requiring less manual or operating force. When used with Weidmuller ferrules, the crimped contact is UL certified.

The PZ 10 HEX and PZ 10 SQR crimping tools are suitable for wire-end ferrules, with or without plastic collars, for a cross-section range of AWG 26-8, so there is no need to swap tools when crimping wires of various gauges. Hexagonal or square wire-end ferrules provide a more secure connection than other crimping forms for screw, spring or direct plug-in clamping systems. The shape of square crimped wire-end ferrules offer optimal protection against twisting at the contact point. The PZ 10 HEX allows for wire insertion in the clamp from any orientation, and hexagonal crimps, with a somewhat rounded crimp form and extremely low maximum diameter, are ideal for confined clamping spaces.

The crimp tools offer precise and repeatable crimping. An automatic stop prevents the tools from being opened unintentionally during crimping to eliminate costly errors and ensure consistent crimping quality. The automatic stop may be released at any time if there is a malfunction. Both tools feature an ergonomic handle design. The tool shape, material, grip and surface structure are optimally designed for the rigor of everyday use and offer safe and comfortable functionality.

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