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Wibu-Systems announces release of CodeMeter Embedded 2.1

February 162018
Wibu-Systems announces release of CodeMeter Embedded 2.1

February 15, 2018 - With the launch of CodeMeter Embedded 2.1, Wibu-Systems introduces a structural and business model that allows intelligent device manufacturers to download an SDK specific to their operating system and architecture within 24 hours of their request.
CodeMeter Embedded is a lean runtime environment for embedded systems. With the availability of the version 2.1, embedded software developers can now select among a list of preset SDKs, each consisting of one static library for every combination of supported operating system and architecture. CodeMeter Embedded 2.1 has been tested to work with Android, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, and Windows from an operating system point of view, and with ARM, PowerPC, and x86 from an architectural standpoint. CodeMeter Embedded is made available in binary (compiled) form; Wibu-Systems’ clients can use their compilers/linkers to integrate these into their (protected) applications.
CodeMeter Embedded 2.1 also interfaces with all of Wibu-Systems’ secure license containers, including the latest generation of secure hardware elements, CmStick/B and CmActLicense, the software variant that binds to a digital fingerprint of the target system. In the event of CmActLicense use, Wibu-Sytems’ clients should adjust the retrieval of the digital fingerprint and the storage of the license files to their target devices.
Additionally, CodeMeter Embedded 2.1 can be associated with Wibu-Systems' AxProtector CmE and ExProtector software tools that protect against counterfeiting, reverse engineering, and tampering, and CodeMeter License Central, the database-derived solution for creating, delivering, managing, and monitoring software licenses.

Wibu-Systems will exhibit CodeMeter Embedded 2.1, along with its expanded portfolio of embedded solutions, at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, February 27-March 1, Hall 4, Booth 360.