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Wibu-Systems offers movable security licenses

Wibu-Systems offers movable security licenses

March 30, 2016 - Wibu-Systems offers movable security licenses where a company can reserve one license of a protected software from its license pool for a specific employee, and transfer it offline.

Both manufacturers and users will benefit from the new licensing feature: Manufacturers can define the terms of the lending process and let their protected software be moved, while making sure their settings are maintained. Users can comfortably borrow the licenses of the protected software according to their needs and transfer them even without Internet connection.

For an easy handling of both license types, Wibu-Systems has also introduced the "Universal Firm Code," which allows full compatibility of licenses regardless of their storage medium; licenses stored in a hardware repository (CmDongle), in a soft container (CmActLicense), on a LAN server, in a WAN, or in the cloud are all interfaceable. Additionally, the Universal Firm Code provides a higher level of security through a proprietary encryption method for licenses and a more flexible management of the permissions, based on the use of certificates. Moreover, licenses are reduced in size, thus taking up less storage space. This final advantage is particularly relevant in the industrial field, where every byte counts.