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Yaskawa introduces MPP3H Robot for packaging

October 082014
Yaskawa introduces MPP3H Robot for packaging

October 8, 2014 - Yaskawa introduces MPP3H delta-style robot for packaging, cartoning and kitting applications. The MPP3H robot features a parallel link arm configuration with a direct-driven rotary axis to simplify design and increase reliability. With a minimum installation area and zero footprint, this model is ideal for high-density installations, while providing a large working envelope.
The MPP3H has several key features that promote easy integration. A large 80 mm thru-hole at the base allows end-of-arm tool cables to be routed through the center of the robot, permitting less complex cabling and reduced cable lengths. The thru-hole can also be used to mount the valve pack at the base of the robot, reducing the payload the robot has to carry. In addition, maintenance is simplified due to a single entry point at the base for applying lubricant.

This robot is IP67-rated with NSF-H1 certified food grade lubricants and features a 3 kg payload capacity;
a deep work envelope up to 600 mm; and a repeatability of ±0.1 mm. It is available with optional MotoPick™, Yaskawa Motoman’s software suite for high-speed tracking and pick and place scheduling.

The MPP3H robot uses the FS100 controller. The FS100 is the smallest controller in its class at just 19” wide, and it features a high-speed open architecture design that enables software and system flexibility. The FS100 supports C, C#, INFORM III and other high-level programming environments.