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  1. It's New:  PULSE is the first new publication in the automation industry in more than a decade!
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  5. It's Free: Need we elaborate?


Here's what our readers have to say about PULSE:

"Great content and quality - love the ease of reading on a tablet." – Sarah H.

"It is real-time information for me to make decisions on what controls to purchase and which direction the industry is headed." – Jim A.

Patrick V. reads PULSE for, "keeping up with Automation trends and news on the go!"

"It's awesome having a resource like this available with a simple download." – Luke K.

Melissa K. says PULSE is, "sleek and easy to navigate."

"Like everything from Automation.com, it is fabulous!!" – Kari M.

Tom W. loves the, "fresh look, easy-to-read articles, upbeat tone, and timely information."

"Great formatting for mobile devices and the interactive nature of an electronic magazine." – Michael S.

And, when asked what they like about PULSE, many of our readers answered: "Everything!"


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