Relevant Work History

After the heading, objective, and skills sections of your resume, a work history that is relevant to the position you are applying for should be included. Resume Help: *Always use reverse chronological order; employers expect to see your present or most recent position at the top of the list. If you list other positions first, it appears upon first glance that you haven't been working between the end date and now. Sometimes, that first glance is all it takes to have your resume thrown out of the running. *Bold print the title, employer, and dates you were employed. Include the location of the position. *List all positions held for one employer under a single bold heading. Do not list each position separately because it appears that you worked for more companies in a period of time than you actually did. You don't want your work history to look like a series of short-term positions or even 1-2 year positions if that is not the case. Remember, that first glance is very important--make the best impression you can! *List relevant project experience under the position held when the project was completed. Do not create a separate section listing the projects you have completed because it is more time-consuming for the employer to read and the projects often appear disconnected from any of the positions you held. By including project experience in your work history, you connect the work you have done with the position and employer in a way that highlights your qualifications for the position you are applying for. *As always, be as brief and concise as you can in your work history while still including relevant details. Remember, a simple list of job duties is not impactful. Include the benefits the company received from the duties you performed.


Generic Controls, Inc.                                                                                                         1996-present
Anytown, MN

Senior Sales Engineer
· Develop new and service existing End-User, OEM, and System Integrator accounts in the Midwest Territory to maintain $1 Million account base.
· Market and apply MES (manufacturing execution system), resource tracking, batch processing, graphical user interface, computer-based control, and data acquisition software products
· Sales/Distribution of hardware products including bar code, data acquisition, motion control, open platform multi-processor computers, and I/O interfaces
· Configure and propose complete control/acquisition systems for client's manufacturing and automation applications· Develop integrated product demonstrations
· Design and conduct technical seminars for product overviews and training

Bean and Grey Automation                                                                                                1990-1996
Hometown, WI

Regional Sales Manager, 1993-1996
· Market industrial computer equipment to process control and manufacturing automation industries
· Manage sales of 4 distributor organizations and direct key accounts for 13 states of the Midwest and Texas Territories
· Organize, develop and conduct technical seminars and product workshops for clients and distributor salespersons
· Interview organizations for potential distribution and systems integration throughout the territories

Field Application Engineer, 1990-1993
· Technical support for 4 distributors and direct key accounts in the Midwest and Chicago Territories
· Develop demonstration systems for sales presentations and technical seminars