What are the Automation Portals and Topical e-Newsletters?

What are the Automation Portals and topical e-Newsletters?

The Automation Portals organizes various types of automation content by topic on Automation.com. Each portal is designed to host product announcements, company and organizational news, articles, white papers, application stories, training and seminars, resources and literature, and events. 

With many of the Automation Portals, we also publish a topical e-Newsletter.   Every product, news item, resource and technical article covered in any the e-Newsletters, is also covered on the associated portal. The portals cover a vast repositories of information on their various topics, while the e-Newsletters bring you up to date on everything that’s happened recently.

Everything on the portals and in the e-Newsletters comes to us directly as news, new product releases or from a recent search of the Internet and relevant print magazines. In other words, we’ve done your research for you. To always be up to date of what is happening and published by these topics:

Benefits of the Automation Portals vs Search Engines

You probably go to Google, Yahoo or similar search engines when searching for product information. But the information provided by those search engines is so comprehensive, it’s almost useless. For example, a search on Google for “machine control” results in millions of information links. And search results are often littered with duplicates, paid listings, old material, and irrelevant results.

Doing your own product research on the Internet can be tedious, time consuming and maddening. Can you really afford to take hours out of your busy day to search various resources for all of the latest product information on these topics?

You will not have those problems with Automation.com. What you see on the portals and in the associated e-newsletters is all legitimate, timely and topical.

Contribute to the Automation Portals

Send your articles, white papers, application stories, resources, training and events for publication consideration to [email protected].