Meet ISA Fellow Jagan Mohan Reddy Yeturu

Meet ISA Fellow Jagan Mohan Reddy Yeturu
Meet ISA Fellow Jagan Mohan Reddy Yeturu

ISA - International Society of Automation has named Jagan Mohan Reddy Yeturu one of three ISA Fellows for 2020. The honor comes for his work in wireless communications, data acquisition, transmitter interface, communication networks, Fieldbus, soft sensing and edge analytics to advance the field of automation and, specifically, power plant operations.

Jagan Mohan Reddy Yeturu has 25 years of experience in architecture and system engineering, instrumentation and control systems technology development. He developed a system that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence at edge devices to predict failures of high-pressure gas skids. The system uses vibration, pressure and position to learn a failure model. The model is then deployed across multiple sites and employs course correction based on the predictions versus the actual results. This reduced the cost of downtime and repairs to all natural gas suppliers worldwide.

He also conceptualized, designed and implemented the Integrated Control and Safety System for a Qatar-based gas processing greenfield project with more than 60 OPC integrators to the DCS. This was a unique experiment to replace traditional systems with OPC DA, AE, and HDA.

Other projects included conceptualizing and designing docker technology for control systems, in which control execution is performed as a container in the hardware to make the software agnostic to the underlying software. Further, he designed, developed and implemented the Foundation Fieldbus (FF)-based Control System, the first of its kind for biomass-based power plant applications. As a member of the Fieldbus Foundation Committee, he has trained hundreds of project and support engineers in these technologies.

Yeturu coauthored Foundation Fieldbus with other ISA fellows and implemented Foundation Fieldbus at Reliance Jamnagar, the largest FF implementation in India for the oil and gas domain. He is a member of the board of studies of more than five colleges and senate of three universities to encourage more students to adopt instrumentation, control, and automation as a profession. He implemented an integrated control systems lab for industrial and building systems using digital protocols, such as Foundation Fieldbus and BACnet at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India, to enable thousands of students to train and become industry-ready professionals.

He became a certified automation professional from its inception and was one of the few initial members to pass the exam from India. “I renewed thrice, which is a measure of my continuity toward its usefulness, and became a mentor to others taking this exam, to get certified to improve their prospects in employment in the profession,” he said.

For more than 10 years, he has served ISA District 14 in various capacities and contributed to the growth of the society by enrolling more people and conducting events, and has been a member of the ISA 100 group from its inception, actively implementing and incubating WCI scripts to test device compliance for proper operation and interoperability.

Additionally, Yeturu authored a book, published by McGraw-Hill, on instrumentation and control for Indian students that is used as a textbook in more than 100 colleges in India, and coauthored the reference book Industrial Process Automation and Design, published by Elsevier Oxford.

He holds numerous patents and has been published in scores of peer-reviewed, internationally renowned journals.

Yeturu is a Senior Engineering Manager of Honeywell Technology Solutions Labs, and his current projects include research on vision- and voice-based soft sensors with artificial intelligence.
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