Beckhoff Increases Visualization Capabilities with New Machine Vision-specific Control Software

  • Beckhoff Automation

TwinCAT Vision combined with TwinCAT HMI brings advanced machine vision display controls to operator interfaces.

Microchip Introduces First Automotive-Qualified, Single-Chip Solution for Large, Ultrawide Touch Displays

  • Microchip

Supporting LCD and OLED displays, Microchip’s latest maXTouch touchscreen controller reduces integration complexity and cost for ultrawide touch displays up to 45 inches.

Beckhoff Combines TwinCAT Vision with TwinCAT HMI

  • Beckhoff Automation

TwinCAT Vision, the Beckhoff image processing solution, offers with the new TwinCAT HMI Control Package the option of integrating image processing into the TwinCAT HMI user interface. This includes an expanded image display control and a color control.

Anaheim Automation Presents the Green Series GL043, a Modern and Powerful HMI Product

  • Anaheim Automation Inc

The Green Series GL043 is the most modern and powerful HMI product that will make your application work seamlessly without missing a step.

Coval's GVMAX HD is a Versatile Vacuum for Every Branch of Industry

  • Coval Vacuum Technology Inc.

COVAL's GVMAX HD series of heavy-duty vacuum pumps combine robustness, power, modularity and communication, allowing them to adapt to multiple applications. And thanks to IO-Link technology, they are fully plugged-in to the Industry of the Future.

Raspberry Pi Industrial Design Partner OnLogic Unveils Its First Raspberry Pi-Powered Device

In celebration of Pi Day, OnLogic unveils the first details about their upcoming industrial grade Raspberry Pi-powered system intended for use in industrial, automation and IoT applications.

SICK Launches Smaller Linear Encoder for In-cylinder Assembly on Mobile Machines

  • SICK, Inc.

Accompanying the MAX48 linear encoder, the MAX30 provides integrated cylinder position measurement for mobile machines.

Siemens' New KNX Touchpanel Makes Every Room Smart

  • Siemens

Siemens Smart Infrastructure introduces the new KNX Touch Control TC5 room operator unit.

The Tianma Group Introduces P Series TFT LCDs, a New Family of Displays for the Industrial and Medical Markets

Tianma, a leading global manufacturer of flat panel displays, has introduced a new product family of TFT LCD Modules (Thin Film Transistor - Liquid Crystal Display).

WEROCK Presents New Robust Industrial Tablet Series

New high-end fully rugged tablet series with brilliant 11.6" or 13.3" displays, large battery options, Intel® Core™ i5 processors and numerous expansion options for industry introduced.