ServoMex announces launch of AquaXact 1688 moisture sensor

  • Servomex

Using a film technology Aluminum Oxide replaceable sensor element, the AquaXact 1688 enables dew point and ppm H2O measurements in various process applications, including glove boxes, air separation units, natural gas processing and instrument air.

Beckhoff introduces CP6906 Control Panel display

  • Beckhoff Automation

Once combined with a controller, such as a DIN rail mounted CX series Embedded PC or a cabinet mounted Industrial PC (IPC) from Beckhoff, the result is a control and HMI solution for machines, plants, buildings and other equipment.

Beckhoff announces Microsoft Azure certification for the C6015 Industrial PC (IPC) and CX5140 Embedded PC

  • Beckhoff Automation

All certified devices from Beckhoff can be found in the Microsoft “Azure Certified for IoT” device catalog, providing customers with a guide for Azure-compatible devices. Both the C6015 IPC and CX5140 Embedded PC are designed to help implement cloud connectivity in a wide range of industries.

AutomationDirect introduces EA3-S3ML & EA3-T4CL C-more Micro touch panels

  • AutomationDirect
  • AutomationDirect

These Micro panels are powered from a Class 2, 12-24 VDC power supply and can also receive power from the serial communications port of most AutomationDirect PLCs or through the USB port when connected to a PC for programming.

Honeywell introduces Experion Elevate real-time SCADA solution

  • Honeywell Industrial Automation & Control

Experion SCADA is at the heart of Honeywell’s Experion systems and provides a scalable, integrated multi-service system with a human-machine interface (HMI).

Opto 22 announces groov 3.4 update

  • Opto 22
  • OPTO 22

With this version of groov, operators can trend more data over a longer period: up to 5 years. groov’s built in trend gadget now offers an interactive type of trend that handles many more data points.

Sick opens up HIPERFACE DSL interface technology

  • SICK, Inc.

The HIPERFACE DSL open interface is designed to bring together all the advantages of a digital real-time interface: One Cable Technology, and continuous condition monitoring.

Mitsubishi Electric introduces GT2107 human machine interface

  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation

This HMI features a 7-inch wide display with 800 x 480 resolution for clear image quality and is equipped with a remote connectivity option through a VNC server.

Fujitsu releases FID-11x series touch panels

  • Fujitsu Components America, Inc.

To meet the demands of most industrial environments, the FID-11x series has a standard operating temperature range of -5° to +60°C and 3H pencil hardness.

PcVue and Sentryo partner to release ICS CyberVision for cybersecurity protection of PcVue SCADA

  • PCVUE Inc

The technology fosters OT & IT collaboration for enterprise-wide protection of critical infrastructures such as power generation and distribution, water and wastewater, transportation systems and infrastructure like trains, bridges and tunnels, intelligent building management, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other applications that rely on high availability industrial automation.