Products for Discrete Manufacturing & Machine Control

SICK announces AppSpace ecosystem for 2D and 3D machine vision applications

  • SICK, Inc.

SICK customers can create their own individualized SensorApps to solve individual sensor applications — without having to program anything.

Badger Meter announces Dynasonics UHC100 ultrasonic thermal energy meter

  • Badger Meter

The UHC100 meter meets the need for accurate measurement of thermal energy metering in accordance with strict industry guidelines.

autoVimation announces Compact system for positioning and precise alignment of protective camera enclosures

At the heart of the modular system, fine positioning axes with a 150-mm adjusting range feature hand cranks with 1.5 mm feed per revolution for maximum adjustment accuracy.

Kistler announces 9323AAA piezoelectric force sensor

  • Kistler Instrument Corporation

The 9323AAA piezoelectric force sensor was developed on the basis of the 9323 product family. It offers a solution for calibrating force sensors installed in production machinery.

NUM releases enhanced NUMgrind cylindrical grinding software

  • NUM CNC Solutions - North America

NUM has now added non-circular grinding functionality to its NUMgrind cylindrical grinding software, which forms an application-specific element of the company’s Flexium+ CNC platform. It is fully compatible with other Flexium software, from release onwards.

Neugart introduces PK1 and PM1 series of planetary gearboxes

  • Neugart USA, LP

These numerous pinion/planetary gearbox type combination options ensure that a solution can be found for a range of applications, usually several, meaning that the torsional stiffness of the flanged gearboxes is greater than that of gearboxes with an output shaft.

H2W Technologies introduces series of single axis linear stepper motors

  • H2W Technologies

Linear stepper motors are capable of precise position, velocity, and acceleration control when coupled with a micro-stepping drive and indexer. 

ForwardX Robotics announces Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions for collaborative mobile robots

Whilst also offering outright sale and renting options, the RaaS subscription-based model aims to encourage supply chain operations to invest in innovation by allowing them to upgrade their facilities without the large upfront investment usually associated with automation projects.

Electro-Chemical Devices introduces CA-6 Colorimetric copper analyzer

  • Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.

The CA-6 Colorimetric Analyzer can be configured to measure iron or a range of other substances with a choice of multiple parameters:  ppb, ppm and mg/L. 

Inductive Automation releases Ignition Maker Edition

  • Inductive Automation

Ignition Maker Edition is not intended for industrial, professional, or commercial use. It was designed as a free tool for hobbyists, students, and individuals wanting to familiarize themselves with the Ignition platform.