Products for Discrete Manufacturing & Machine Control

H2W Technologies introduces LCAM 5/15 DC linear servo amplifier

  • H2W Technologies

Amplifiers will be preset to match the continuous and peak current specifications of any H2W voice coil motor.  Available from stock for immediate shipping.

Engineered Vision releases Flex-Bot feeding solution

  • Engineered Vision

Utilizing Epson, the Flex-Bot is a cross-industry solution for manufacturers of all sizes. Handling simple to complex parts sized 5 to 40 mm, the Flex-Bot can support a variety of materials across the plastic, rubber, and metal industries.

EXAIR introduces Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters

  • Exair Corp

EXAIR's Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters provide a way for plant personnel to monitor pressure throughout a compressed air system along with flow.

Monticont introduces GVCM-016-010-01 Miniature Linear Voice Coil Motor

This actuator is designed for: Heptic feedback and pipetting in medical devices, switch activation, testing, sorting, assembly equipment, work holding and clamping, scanners and laser beam steering and filtering, laser, machining and drilling, optical focusing, and dynamic vibration absorption.  

ADLINK Technology releases ROScube-I with Intel robot controller

  • ADLINK Technology

The ADLINK ROScube-I Series is a ROS 2-enabled robotic controller based on Intel Xeon E, 9th Gen Intel Core i7/i3 and 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processors, and features I/O connectivity supporting a variety of sensors and actuators to meet the needs of a range of robotic applications.

TWK introduces SIL2 certified TBN/TRN-S4 series of magnetic encoders

TWK's safety series of magnetic encoders is expanded with the TBN/TRN-S4 series, which features increased resolution in the single-turn range (model TBN) and a variety of different applications.

Nice announces Robotic Automation Community Edition software

Through the Community Edition, RPA professionals can access a world of content, tutorials and best-practices in building automations, as well as get officially certified on NICE’s design environment - Automation Studio.

Nanotec introduces DFA90 BLDC motor

  • Nanotec Electronic U.S., Inc.

The external rotor motors from Nanotec are suited for use in applications with space restrictions, such as in access control gates or belt drives.

Bosch Rexroth introduces ctrlX AUTOMATION control platform

ctrlX AUTOMATION offers users a choice: They decide whether to program in IEC 61131, PLCopen or G-Code, or in other conventional high-level or Internet languages.

168 Manufacturing introduces FullShop Automated Coolant Delivery System

The FullShop system monitors coolant usage at the machine tool sump and automatically replenishes the coolant before it runs low to keep the spindles spinning around the clock.