Products for Discrete Manufacturing & Machine Control

Portescap Launches Compact, Energy-Efficient Brushless DC Motor for High-Speed Applications

Portescap, a leading global manufacturer of miniature and specialty motors, has added the 16ECS highspeed brushless motor to its Ultra EC™ mini brushless DC motor platform.

NUM Adds Power Skiving to its Portfolio of Gear Production CNC Solutions

  • NUM CNC Solutions - North America

Powerful new software and precision multi-level electronic gearbox pave the way for next-generation CNC machine tools with combined hobbing/skiving capabilities.

Raspberry Pi Industrial Design Partner OnLogic Unveils Its First Raspberry Pi-Powered Device

In celebration of Pi Day, OnLogic unveils the first details about their upcoming industrial grade Raspberry Pi-powered system intended for use in industrial, automation and IoT applications.

TWK Introduces New Safety Encoder for Explosion Protection

TWK introduces a new safety encoder for explosion protection according to ATEX, Zone 1 / 21.

NewTek NTC-6000 Signal Conditioner Establishes Digital or Analog Communications for New and Legacy AC-LVDTs

  • AnewTek, Inc.

The NewTek NTC-6000 Qwik-Cal™ LVDT Signal Conditioner completes the measurement system for AC-operated LVDTs by providing the excitation and digital output required by many of today’s laboratory, industrial automation, and process control applications.

OnRobot Launches Advanced MG10 Magnetic Gripper for Safe and Precise, Collaborative Applications

OnRobot's out-of-the-box, magnetic gripper for manufacturing, automotive and aerospace applications is the latest addition to OnRobot's range of no-fuss, all-electric gripper products. Unlike standard magnetic grippers, the MG10 has programmable force features and comes with built-in grip and part detection sensors.

Softing Integrates CNC Data into Industrial Edge Applications

  • Softing Inc.

Softing expands its dataFEED edgeConnector product family which is based on Docker technology.

Yaskawa's High-Speed PL190 and PL320 Palletizing Robots Add Versatility to the PL-Series Line

  • Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

Yaskawa's highly reliable four-axis PL190 and PL320 models now join the PL500 robot, enabling a wide range of palletizing applications, order picking and other logistical tasks.

ElectroCraft Expands its Award Winning MobilePower Wheel Drive Family with the MPW86

  • ElectroCraft, Inc.

ElectroCraft, Inc., the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has expanded its award winning MobilePower™ wheel drive family with the MPW86.

SICK Launches Smaller Linear Encoder for In-cylinder Assembly on Mobile Machines

  • SICK, Inc.

Accompanying the MAX48 linear encoder, the MAX30 provides integrated cylinder position measurement for mobile machines.