Products for PLCs and PACs

ARISTA Adds Powered by PoE to its Waterproof Stainless Steel Thin Clients and Terminal Workstations

IEEE 802.3bt Type 3/4 capability makes the power to drive computers possible.

STMicroelectronics First to Announce Certified Chipset for G3-PLC Hybrid Powerline and Wireless Communication

  • STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics’ ST8500 and S2-LP chipset has become the first to be certified according to the G3-PLC Hybrid communication standard that defines seamless connectivity over powerline and wireless media.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ Condition Monitoring Solution Makes Predictive Maintenance a Reality for Efficiency-Focused Plant Operations


NORD’s Condition Monitoring solution utilizes the internal PLC within their variable frequency drives to integrate drive-related actuators and sensors into a system, detecting undesired operating conditions at an early stage to avoid critical system problems and costly downtime.

Industrial Shields Launches New ESP32 PLC

A range of controllers based on the ESP32 board comes to market.

STMicroelectronics Drives G3-PLC Hybrid Connectivity into Smart Devices with ST8500 Development Ecosystem

  • STMicroelectronics

To accelerate G3-PLC Hybrid connectivity in smart-grid and IoT devices, STMicroelectronics has revealed a development ecosystem for its ST8500 programmable power-line communication (PLC) modem chipset.

Red Lion Introduces NT4008 Gigabit Layer 2 PROFINET Switches

  • Red Lion

Red Lion is excited to introduce NT4008, a new 8-port Gigabit managed Industrial Ethernet switch series.

AutomationDirect Provides Multi-Conductor 20 AWG Twisted-Pair Instrumentation Cable

  • AutomationDirect

Multiconductor instrumentation cable in 20 AWG diameter has been added to AutomationDirect's current offering of 18 AWG and 16 AWG sizes.

Softing Inc. Connects Rockwell PLCs to AWS IoT Core

  • Softing Inc.

Softing and AWS just streamlined connectivity between Rockwell PLCs and AWS IoT SiteWise for industrial analytics at scale.

JVL Presents the World’s Most Compact 1500 Watt Integrated Servo Motor

  • JVL Industri Elektronik A/S

JVL presents a new AC Servo Motor with built-in controller, Nano-PLC and direct AC mains supply with same capacity and length as traditional servo motors.

PREMO Launches PLC-LW-series Transformer Family for Power Line Communication

PREMO launches PLC-LW-series transformer family for power line communication--innovative small size and enhanced bandwidth with very low losses.