Products for Automotive

AMETEK announces Orbit ACS SI 100 linear measurement instruments

  • Ametek

Orbit ACS verifies dimensions to support quality control in electronic, aerospace, semiconductor, automotive and other manufacturing applications.

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces Series 61 Photoelectric Sensors

  • Pepperl+Fuchs

Series 61 sensors are well suited for over-the-conveyor package detection, automotive part positioning, palletizing, reliable parts detection, overhead conveyors and small or slotted object detection.

WAGO adds 3 Jumper Slots to TOPJOB S Terminal Blocks

  • WAGO Corporation

Slots include DIN-rail Disconnect/Test, Mini-Automotive Blade-style Fuse, and Fuse Disconnect with Pivoting Holder.

OGP releases CNC 670 multisensor smartscope

CNC 670 is capable of measuring components as large as an automotive engine block.

ASI introduces S8 Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

  • Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. (ASI)

The S8 Series is the ideal solution for the food and beverage industry, electronic plants, packaging lines, test and assembling machines and automotive.

Standard-Knapp introduces Versatron case packer

Versatron handles high-speed packing of fragile containers in a variety of industries including spirits and wine, food, household chemical, personal care, and automotive.

e-con Systems Targets Surveillance Market with Wide Dynamic Range Camera Module

  • e-con Systems

The camera module has a parallel interface and is specially targeted for surveillance and automotive applications.

Teledyne DALSA releases BOA IDR ID Reader

  • Teledyne DALSA

BOA IDR is ideal for part recognition, tracking and verification in industries such as automotive, electronics, packaging and pharmaceutical.

Microscan introduces NERLITE HI-BRITE machine vision lighting

  • Microscan Systems

Lights provide illumination over large areas in applications such as package sorting, food processing and packaging, automotive or aerospace assembly, or any large surface inspection.

Jervis B. Webb introduces friction drive conveyor

  • Jervis B. Webb Company

The friction drive conveyor is an alternative to overhead and inverted power & free conveyors and can be used to move anything from car bodies to small appliances.