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Infrared Cameras as Life Insurance for a Billion Dollar Project

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An InfraTec thermography automation solution supports the monitoring of one of the world's largest solar tower power plants in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

Don’t Look at the Sun—Look at the Data

  • by Roger Larson
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Solar electrical generating facilities are putting responsive analytics to use so they can improve efficiency and optimize maintenance.

HARTING Technology Group is Positioned as an Electromobility Technology Partner and Pioneer

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With its portfolio of products and solutions, the HARTING Technology Group is positioned as an electromobility technology partner and pioneer - and thereby driving the energy transition forward.

Harting Offers Innovative Solution Portfolio for Industrial Automation, Energy Infrastructure, E-mobility and Railways

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The HARTING Technology Group continues to offer its customers a comprehensive and innovative solution portfolio for the industrial automation, energy infrastructure, e-mobility and railway sectors also in 2021.

Valmet to Supply Automation to Kapar Energy Ventures’ Power Plant in Malaysia

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Valmet will deliver automation to Kapar Energy Ventures’ power plant in Malaysia.

Virtual Power Systems Forms Strategic Advisory Council

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Industry leaders to provide guidance on global implementation of software-defined power.

Emerson to Modernize TVA Power Plant for Reliable, Clean Energy

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Digital transformation technologies expertise from Emerson to support TVA’s goal of ensuring long-term, responsive power delivery from its fleet.

N.Y. Power Authority Approves New Strategic Plan to Provide Clean Energy Roadmap for Next Decade

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Energized commitment to fight against climate change and lead transformation to cleaner, more resilient and affordable electric grid in New York State.

Impacting Energy Through Smart Manufacturing

  • by Roy Kok & Haresh Malkani
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CESMII, the Smart Manufacturing Institute, focuses on smart manufacturing to deliver success in our mandates to drive innovation and improve energy utilization. But how is energy used today? How much is wasted? How does this look globally? And most important, what is CESMII doing to help? 

Yokogawa & Power Factors Announce Reseller Agreement for Renewable Energy Asset Performance Management Platform

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Integration with Yokogawa portfolio makes possible a “sensor-to-enterprise” solution for solar, wind and energy storage projects.