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IEC-1131 - The First Universal Process Control Language

  • by Bristol Babcock
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IEC-1131 is the first international standard for process control software.  By using IEC-1131, a programmer can develop a control algorithm for a particular brand of controller, and import that same program to another brand with minimum modifications, primarily to process input/output subsystems.

Don't Trip Over OSHA Compliance: Adequate Fall Protection Paramount to Employee Safety

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By Rob Honeycutt, co-founder, SafeRack Implementation of effective fall prevention and protection technologies can go a long way in improving worker safety.

Rotork CMA actuators enable shale gas well compliance

  • Case Study

An unnamed shale gas company in Louisiana installed Rotork CMA actuators run by solar panels to replace existing actuation equipment and control a variety of fluids at line pressures up to 6000 psig.

HMI simplifies FDA and USDA compliance reporting

  • Case Study

By: Julio Delgado, Stock America HMI software from InduSoft provides eSignatures, database connectivity and other features vital to proper process validation and compliance with food and pharmaceutical regulations.

Addressing FDA CFR Regulation Compliance with Cloud based ERP Software

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By Bill Nolan, Rootstock Software Many regulated manufacturers use paper-or Excel-based processes to address compliance. For discrete manufacturers who are required to have FDA CFR compliance, the Salesforce1 Platform connected an ERP system offers some distinct advantages.

A Matter of Risk Assessment, Liability & Compliance: Machine Safety Labeling in the 21st Century

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By Geoffrey Peckham, Clarion Safety System With the rise in product liability litigation based on “failure to warn” over the past several decades, product safety labels have become a leading focal point in lawsuits faced by capital equipment manufacturers. Here are some key best practices that are shaping the current “state-of-the-art” for product safety label design.

Coriolis flowmeters help RHI Normag meet regulatory requirements

  • Case Study

An RHI Normag plant in Porsgrunn, Norway, has reduced maintenance costs, minimized plant downtime and improved the accuracy of energy-use measurement by using Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters from Emerson Process Management.

Medical device manufacturers address compliance mandates with PLM

  • Case Study

By Eric Marks
Over the last several years medical device companies have been hit with injunctions, undergone product recalls, or found themselves operating under FDA consent decrees. PLM can help.

The Machinery Directive

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European safety legislation is significant and far reaching. At first glance, it can seem like just more red tape which compounds the problems of operating in a highly competitive world. The truth, however, is far from this.  The legislation is based on experience and common sense and represents a consistent message for industry — it must be safe! The rational behind the framework of measures is to ensure the safety of individual workers whoever or wherever they may be.