Articles & News on MES and Operations Management

Picking Automation to Optimize Omni-Channel Capabilities

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By Vikrant Angia, VCO Systems Too many in the picking product space fail to understand the complexities of the fast-changing omni-channel experience and associated total supply chain costs. Organizations must be optimized to provide the right product to end customers, across the various channels that share inventory.

SAP Leonardo Enterprise Wide IT/OT Integration

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By Bill Lydon, Editor, Taking place from November 2-3 2017, the event put a spotlight on SAP’s IT/OT real-time transaction processing and integration of manufacturing controls and automation for their customers.

The Top 7 Manufacturing Pains Today And How To Remedy Them

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By Anthony Borges, PINpoint Information Systems There are many common challenges manufacturers face on their assembly lines which must be overcome to produce quality products in the most efficient way. It is after-all the assembly line where products are born, from physical actions, or process steps performed by both line workers and machines.

Lighthouse Systems helps SunPower integrate MES and automation in Mexican facility

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The manufacturing system - combining smart equipment, improved processes, plant automation and MES software - delivered on traceability and compliance requirements as well as on efficiencies.

Körber announces acquisition of HighJump Software

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The purchase of HighJump will be from its parent company, Accellos Holdings and its primary investor, Accel-KKR, a technology focused investment firm. Both parties agreed not to disclose details of the purchase price.

Aegis helps Protoduction Inc implement MES in their manufacturing operations

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Protoduction’s proprietary process, “Concept 2 Reality”, is designed to bridge the gap between design engineering and manufacturing, providing customers with a consultative approach to product development.

Kistler Group announces acquisition of IOS GmbH

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Monitoring and data acquisition products for the manufacturing industry are already a key part of Kistler’s portfolio of integrated quality assurance solutions. The acquisition of IOS’ MES software is designed to take Kistler to the next level.

Rockwell Automation releases suite of FactoryTalk MES applications

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A new suite of capabilities improves functionality across its portfolio of scalable MES applications based on the FactoryTalk ProductionCentre platform from Rockwell Automation. The portfolio includes FactoryTalk Production, FactoryTalk Performance, FactoryTalk Quality and soon FactoryTalk Warehouse applications.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announces acquisition of FASys Industrie-EDV-Systeme GmbH

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Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Cologne, Germany, FASys is a vendor of manufacturing software solutions, including DIN 4000/4003-based tool and resource management, and the integration of presetting and CNC machines (DNC).

What Production Data is Necessary to Drive Your Industry 4.0 Agenda?

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By Mathew Daniel, Sciemetric Instruments Data, data and more data. It’s the hot topic in manufacturing today with all the hype and anxiety around Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. How should it be collected, managed and used effectively?