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TURCK announces fieldbus I/O blocks

  • TURCK Inc.

The JRBS line of spur blocks for FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA provides the convenience of DIN-rail mounting in a rugged IP 20 design. All JRBS products contain a selector switch for segment termination, and allow the segment to be continued for distribution of instruments in other locations with no additional accessories required.

TURCK releases retractile Profibus-DP cordsets

  • TURCK Inc.

Retractile cordsets for PROFIBUS-DP networks may be extended up to four times their original retracted length. This makes the cordsets ideal for motion and robotics in automotive applications.

TURCK announces Armored Cordsets that eliminate need for conduit

  • TURCK Inc.

Armored M12 eurofast cordsets provide protection against abrasion, cuts, water, oil and impact, and are excellent for use in automotive, stamping plants and welding environments. The cordsets use rugged PVC-jacketed cable with interlocking aluminum armor that is ITC/PLTC (instrumentation tray cable) rated and meet Open Wiring specifications, allowing their use in place of conduit.