Products for Additive Manufacturing

Siemens Expands Convergent Modeling in Parasolid to increase Productivity with Mixed Geometric Data Formats

  • Siemens

Siemens Digital Industries Software has updated Parasolid® software, its open software technology for geometric modeling.

CoreTechnologie's New Additive Manufacturing Software Creates Grid Structures

For the production of lightweight components and implants, the latest version of the 4D_Additive software from CoreTechnologie allows for the fast and easy creation of internal and external grid structures, so-called lattices.

MakerBot CloudPrint™ Debuts New Workflow for 3D Printing Collaboration from Anywhere

New MakerBot CloudPrint is designed to deliver a seamless 3D printing experience for teams remote or onsite.

Honeywell announces Fast Track Automation for medical production

  • Honeywell Inc.

Fast Track Automation is a response to the global COVID-19 outbreak, which has highlighted the need to accelerate delivery of medical solutions and devices to patients by focusing on ensuring more efficient production and testing capabilities along with facilitating strengthened supply chain.

Optomec announces integrated robotic automation for its Huffman 3D Metal Additive Repair machines

  • Optomec Inc.

The solution combines Optomec’s Huffman line of production laser cladders together with a Fanuc LRMate 200, a compact, six-axis industrial robot with the approximate size and reach of a human arm.

CoreTechnologie introduces enhanced version of 3D_Evolution Simplifier software

The latest version of the Simplifier now allows for a fully automatic calculation of the smallest sphere diameter that surrounds a part or an assembly.

ABB announces RobotStudio 3D Printing PowerPac

  • ABB

Part of the PowerPac portfolio of RobotStudio, the 3D Printing feature eliminates manual programming to allow prototype production. The 3D Printing PowerPac supports a variety of processes, such as welding and printing with granules or concrete and is ideal for low-volume, high-mix printing.

Siemens announces Simcenter 3D Additive Manufacturing Build Process Simulation software solution

  • Siemens

The solution predicts deformations, overheating and other defects which could occur during the printing process and automatically generates the corrected geometry to compensate for distortion and defects.

Additive Innovation introduces Partfinder software for 3D printing

The "Partfinder" software analyzes 3D CAD data geometrically as well as on the basis of the construction history, PMI and metadata. The information thus obtained is stored in a database.

GE Power announces MXL2 power upgrade solution with Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP)

  • GE Digital

The MXL2 with AMP includes two components produced by GE’s Additive Manufacturing Works (AMW) teams in Birr, Switzerland, and Greenville, South Carolina, United States: the first-stage turbine vanes and heat shields.