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Top 11 Industrial Automation Articles for 2021

  • by Melissa Landon
  • Feature published 2,600 industrial automation feature, news and new product articles in 2021. Here are the best-read ones that you might have missed.

Five Trends for Industrial Automation in 2022

  • by Eric J. Halvorson
  • Feature

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” Given what we have all experienced over the past 2+ years, Digi-Key Electronics' Eric J. Halvorson tends to agree with Mr. Jefferson. Looking ahead in 2022, here are five trends Halvorson predicts for the world of industrial automation.

Augmented Reality Becomes Authentic Reality

  • by Percy Stocker
  • Feature

A growing list of leading manufacturers are finding that AR can be applied to a variety of industrial issues. This article was originally published in the October issue of InTech magazine.

The Chaos of Legacy Equipment

  • by Johan Jonzon
  • Feature

How to manage a complex network of new and legacy equipment.

Sensors Spur Industrial Automation Market Growth in the Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • News

Growing demand for real-time data analysis across geographies and increasing adoption of IIoT technology to improve performance will push projected growth through 2026.

Lockheed Martin Achieves First Ultra-secure, IIoT-based Smart Factory with IPC-CFX and Aegis' FactoryLogix

  • News

The IPC-CFX IIoT-based, “Plug and Play” standard is successfully utilized, together with Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES Platform, across all key process types.

HighByte Named 'Smart Manufacturing Company of the Year' in 2022 IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

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A prestigious annual awards program recognizes standout Internet-of-Things companies and products.

Portescap Opens a New Engineering Lab, Expanding Testing Capabilities

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Portescap has opened a new engineering laboratory in its Mumbai, India office, expanding analysis and reliability testing space as well as boosting its proof of concept (POC) capabilities.

How to Combat the Skill Shortage in STEM

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According to a study by the Engineering Design Show, more than 50% of engineering firms find it difficult to recruit and retain staff with the skills and knowledge necessary for the job. In response to this, the government is investing millions of pounds into STEM education. This means mechanical engineering will be more accessible for aspiring scientists from all backgrounds.

Understanding IIoT Application Programming Interfaces

  • by David Schultz
  • Feature

Within the context of Industry 4.0, manufacturing systems connected using APIs could include a SCADA system connected directly to a CMMS for creating and managing work orders. This article originally appeared in the October 2021 issue of InTech magazine.