Articles & News on Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

Why Do Industrial IoT Projects Fail?

  • by Olivier Pauzet
  • Feature

Beecham Research published a survey of IoT adopters which found that 58% of respondents stated their IoT project was either mostly unsuccessful or not successful. Why is that?

Three Challenges in Using Machine Learning in Industrial Applications

  • by Fredrik Wartenberg
  • Feature

Machine learning (ML) is present in many aspects of our lives, to the point that is difficult to get through a day without having contact with it.

Festo AI Project Wins Inaugural AI Champion Award

  • News

This AI algorithm signals personnel to replace failing pneumatic clamps before problems and costly shutdowns occur.

Finding the Right Robotic Process Automation Partner

  • by Scott Riggi
  • Feature

A skilled motion control engineering services provider can help manufacturers realize the benefits of robotic applications.

When To Choose Manual or Automated Interoperability Testing

  • by Andor Miles-Board
  • News

While automated interoperability testing has been advancing at pace, manual testing stubbornly retains its place–and value–across a range of testing scenarios.

Northrop Grumman Supports Virtual Colorado STEM Camps

  • News

Company partners with local-Colorado school district and universities to teach students cybersecurity, machine learning and robotics.

Manufacturers Urged To Consider Best Practices For Optimizing Control Plans With AI

  • by Joris Stork
  • Feature

A number of best practices will generally apply when implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for process control, according to DataProphet.

Digital Water Will Increase Efficiency in the Water and Wastewater Industries

  • by Dr. Charlotte Coles
  • Feature

Digital water technologies will innovate and drive forward new solutions in the water and wastewater industries.

ARC Predicts Strong Market Growth for AI for Machinery Applications

  • News

New ARC Advisory Group research on the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Machinery Applications market reveals that all regions will experience strong market growth to one degree or another.

Würth Elektronik ICS Celebrates 10 Years in U.S. with New Production Facility

  • News

Wurth Electronics ICS, Inc., is celebrating its 10th anniversary as well as its move to a new site with twice the production space as the old facility.