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Edge Computing and AI Will Drive Growth in the Industrial PC Market

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New ARC Advisory Group research on the global Industrial PCs market reveals that while trade conflicts between China and the US and the global COVID-19 pandemic have stalled growth in the market for industrial personal computers to a certain degree, new technology and market trends will likely be growth drivers for the industrial PC (IPC) market moving forward.

Digital Transformation for the New Consumer Journey

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With hundreds of billions at stake, Lux Research outlines what companies need to know about AI and IoT’s impact on the consumer journey.

How Analytics and AI-driven Processes Will Revolutionize the Industrial Sector

  • by Jim Chappell
  • Feature

Jim Chappell, Global Head of AI and Advanced Analytics, AVEVA looks at the implications and benefits of artificial intelligence within complex businesses.

The Impact of Visible Machine Data Across the Executive Suite

  • by Jacob Lauzier
  • Feature

The following will review how executives can leverage machine data for business intelligence to reach that next step.

Emergence of 'Smart' Farming and Data Analytics Drive the Farm Management Software Market

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New ARC Advisory Group research on the global Farm Management Software market reveals that significant growth in R&D investment in agricultural biotechnology  and the emergence of “smart” farming and data analytics will contribute to the growth in the farm management software market.

Mobile Robot Revenues Set to Grow by 24% in 2020 Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

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  • Mobile robots will take logistics sector by storm, with a 10-fold investment increase predicted between now and 2024. 

  • COVID-19 will be a significant driver in long-term mobile robot growth.

  • Sales of AMRs set to radically outstrip AGV revenues.

TrendMiner Expands Global Network to Support Demand for Self-service Data Analytics

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TrendMiner has announced the global expansion of its partner ecosystem to the regions North and South America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia Pacific and Australia.

The Future of Manufacturing Plants: Self-learning, Self-adapting, and Self-sustaining

  • by Melissa Landon
  • Feature

AspenTech is working toward what is called an SOP, or Self-Optimizing Plant.

Pandemic Accelerates Manufacturing Digitalization

  • by Bill Lydon
  • Feature

Attending the AVEVA World Digital Virtual Press Roundtable provided thoughts and insights about the impacts of the pandemic and recovery.

The Evolution of Telematics

  • by Sid Nair
  • Feature

Telematics will evolve from being a “dot on a map” tracking solution to a digital automation platform that ultimately guides an effective and fast decision-making process.