Products for Data Analytics

Beckhoff introduces TwinCAT Analytics One-Click Dashboard

  • Beckhoff Automation

Based on TwinCAT 3 HMI, the functionality provides at least one HMI Control for every TwinCAT Analytics algorithm, each with an up-to-date tile design that follows the latest web development standards.

Emerson announces two IIoT applications for Plantweb Insight data analytics platform

  • Emerson Automation Solutions

The Plantweb Insight Network Management application provides continuous, centralized monitoring of WirelessHART networks. The Plantweb Insight Power Module Management application drills down to the device level, allowing facilities to keep their wireless devices appropriately powered so they can continuously transmit key monitoring data.

Axiomtek releases AIE500-901-FL Artificial Intelligence embedded system

The edge computing device provides solutions as Edge AI embedded system, specifically designed for video analysis, object classification, computer vision, quality control and more.

Siemens announces Predictive Services for Drive Systems based on MindSphere

  • Siemens

With the service portfolio including Mindsphere app, Siemens is focusing on the operative demands of machine users, who are looking for full transparency for spare parts and servicing.

Sciemetric Instrument releases Sciemetric EDGE industrial analytics platform

Sciemetric EDGE delivers a universal platform to control a variety of manufacturing and industrial processes. This distributed data analytics system works to remove barriers to continuous process monitoring.

TrendMiner introduces Production Cockpit analytics software with the release of TrendMiner 2019.R3

This latest TrendMiner release is Intended companies in the chemicals, oil & gas, water & wastewater, utilities, pharmaceuticals, food processing and metals & mining sectors.

Falkonry announces Falkonry LRS 2.0 version of operational machine learning system

In field trials, Falkonry LRS 2.0 has provided performance, visualization and scale, enabling customers to realize improvements in the uptime, quality, safety and yield of their industrial operations.

EVT introduces Machine Learning-based EVT Scratch Inspector

As standard the Scratch Inspector is available in three different illumination variations. Depending on the requirements, the illuminations can be adapted to the different sizes of the component parts.

Sterling Systems & Controls announces PMPlanR preventative maintenance software

  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.
  • Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

PMPlanR is a standalone Preventative Maintenance Planning Software Application. PMPlanR allows users to “Build Your Plant”. Each Plant consists of Areas, Machines and Assets.

Universal Robots and ARC Specialties introduce Artificial Intelligence Pipe Welding System (AIPW)

  • Arc Specialties

The AIPW pre-scans the root opening (gap) using a 2D laser, then uses the data to generate the robot path and welding parameters. Gap variations are compensated for with changes in oscillation, torch position, travel speed and welding conditions. Th