Articles & News on IT/OT Convergence

Risk Assessment: First Step to Securing an OT Environment

  • by Mark Hellinghuizer
  • Feature

Developing a cybersecurity strategy begins with understanding the current situation, including existing risks.

Keeping Up With the Times: Time-sensitive, Networked Factories for Consumer Electronics Production

  • by Thomas J. Burke
  • Feature

 Consumer electronics manufacturing is a fast-paced industry. To maintain and enhance their competitive edge, companies in this sector need to regularly adopt innovative technologies in their plants and their products to meet ever-evolving market demands. Currently, this means adopting smart, interconnected manufacturing approaches to create highly responsive and productive factories. To achieve such infrastructure, businesses should invest in the right industrial communications technology.

Choosing the Right Computer for Forklift and Fleet Management

  • News

Improve operational efficiencies with Winmate's rugged vehicle-mounted computers engineered for in-vehicle applications.

New Survey Finds Most Industrial Organizations Are Inadequately Prepared for an OT Cybersecurity Attack

  • News

Survey results to be discussed at PAS OptICS 2020 conference along with more than two dozen sessions featuring industry executives, experts, and practitioners.

Honeywell Teams Up With Microsoft to Reshape the Industrial Workplace

  • News

Honeywell to leverage Microsoft Azure cloud platform and connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Honeywell Forge, enabling predictive maintenance applications with closed-loop maintenance workflows in the buildings industry.

Cybersecurity and Safety: Increasing Risks and Escalating Impacts

  • by Mark Baggett
  • Feature

The truth is cyber-attacks with dire consequences no longer live merely in film or the digital realm for that matter. They’ve transcended into the physical world with real, tangible impacts.

ABB and IBM to Bolster Cybersecurity for Industrial Operations

  • News

ABB process control systems can connect with IBM security platform for digital threat visibility.

Rockwell Automation Opens Registration for the 29th Automation Fair At Home: A New, Primarily Virtual Experience

  • News

The event features keynote speakers, a product & technology showcase, virtual tours and hands-on training opportunities.

Industrial Automation in the Maker Era: Raspberry Pi Industrial Edge Platform

  • by Bill Lydon
  • Feature

Sfera Labs has a vision to provide innovative technology bridging the best of the Maker World with the industrial automation market with the introduction of the Iono Pi Max.

Majority of Industrial Enterprises Face Increase in Cyber Threats Since Covid-19 Pandemic Began

  • News

New global report from Claroty shows the importance of IT and OT interconnectivity in order to advance digital initiatives and thrive in a post-pandemic future.